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Service Suspension System (Astra J VXR)

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Hi all,

I have a 2017 Astra J VXR with B20NFT engine and the "Service Suspension System" notice on the dash. Took it to a local garage who's machine found nothing when he scanned it (despite being a proper full service reader but assume that's an issue with the machine not the motor).  Took it back to the place I bought it who had it for a week then claimed they had sorted it (but couldn't tell me what was wrong with it so didn't have much faith), low and behold it came back on when I was driving home.  The place I bought it can't seem to offer any insight other than taking it back in the garage but I just have no faith with them at all.

Anyone know what this could be? I don't fancy having to take it to a proper Vauxhall garage and paying over the odds but might have to at this rate.

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