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Vvt cam pulley noise on start up


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Hey everybody,

I have a 2008 1.8 vvt sri, when been standing a while and you start up, a split second rattle from the cam pulleys occurs, I have heard about oil filters with a non return valve in to help stop this, have any of you heard about this? If so where can I get one from? Or if there are any other mods to help stop this.



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just change the pulley, i had the same problem with mine, we couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from till it was to late and had to change the engine, i was told it was water pump to bottom end knocking,then the unthinkable happen on m/way .smoke was coming out the back like a war plane just being shot down oil light on, however it did carry 30+ miles to service station,check the oil not a drop in it. top it back up car went to Manchester and back to birmingham all because of the pulley ,valves was opening or closing as should. 

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