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  1. Hi I got some extreme egr cleaner from wynns incase egr was blocked aswell. Will that clean turbo aswell? The turbo is only 2 years old
  2. It only revs to 4000rpm all the time even wen its at running temperature any ideas?
  3. Also when I'm driving it it will only rev to 4000rpm any ideas any1? Any advice would be greatfull
  4. Hi thanks there are no faults at all. I sometimes get the spanner light come up and my bluetooth scanner shows something about torque converter automatic but my car is manual
  5. Hi all I'm after some advice, my v6 diesel is very jerky on throttle when she is cold to the point where you touch throttle and it kangaroos does any1 have any idea wat it could be? Any advice would be really appreciated
  6. Hi all I'm after some cheap 17s or 18s if any has any for sale in the yorkshire area
  7. I know there is sometimes cruises at the humber bridge car park and car meets maybe a possibility
  8. A quick question I was wondering how easy it is to change the fuel filter? Changed oil and filter today just got fuel to do. It feels abit hesitated on power sometimes
  9. How do you pass mot with decat fitted
  10. Ye mate I'll look now. Is yours straight pipe? do you have a video or anything of how it sounds? Will I still get a nice sound even if I leave cat and dpf as they are
  11. I've seen some people sat around 260bhp not sure how much it cost them thou lol. It's a lovely car drives nice loads of torque I need bigger wheels thou. Wats the biggest you can go on a vectra if you know? Do they sound nice straight pipe I dont wanna touch cat or dog but want to get rid of bk boxes but it's a full stainless from dpd so dont really wanna cut it up. Any advice would be appreciated thanks
  12. Why have you got yours lowered on coilovers
  13. Hi all I've just joined and purchased myself a 2008 vectra elite 3.0 v6 cdti lovely car hope there reliable and lasts me a while
  14. Hi all I'm new to this forum I've had an astra 1.9 cdti sri mapped to 190 but now I've got a vectra elite 3.0 v6 cdti 2008 and I was wondering wat mods can be done for more power. Does any1 know wat the max bhp is I can get out of my v6 diesel
  15. Any meets near the hull or york area would be good
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