2015 insignia starting problems

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Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please, I have a 2015 64 plate 2.0 diesel insignia eco manual, when you have drive it for a while turn it off and try and restart it it wont start. All the lights come on as usual but it wont even crank over it's as if I'm trying to start it without putting my foot on the clutch pedal (which you have to do to start it) if I leave it for 20mins or so it then starts no issues at all. It's like it needs time to cool down but nothing seems hot the engine temp is fine can anyone help please if you do short journeys it's fine it's just when it's been driven from a while.

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Hi....welcome to the Forum

That's an odd one and may need to be scanned to see if there are any fault codes in the system.
Quite possibly it could be an issue with the Clutch Switch which is causing the fault.

Let us know if you find out the cause

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