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Hi all,

my car has been re-called with an issue with the hill assist . I took it to Eden in camberley yesterday and at 5.15pm( after having it since 7.30am ) they called to say they couldn't do the work as they needed the card with the pin codes on . I've only had the car for a year and I don't have this card . The chap told me I would have to pay £35 for them to get a replacement ????? . my mechanic assures me this is not the case and they are pulling fast one . Anybody else had this problem . Also my car failed its MOT on the horn again I have been advised by 2 mechanics that this a case of THE HORN THAT DOESNT WARN . HELP im tearing my hair out .

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Hi Julia....welcome to the Forum

Here is an interesting article about the horn situation and I would certainly be hassling Vauxhall to sort this issue as it is a manufacturing issue and safety related.

Here is a link to the issue with the PIN codes. You will have to approach Vauxhall with your V5 and they charge around £30. There are also companies online who can get the pin but you have to remove your dashboard speedo cluster and send it to them, they remove and read a chip where the pin is stored. So maybe best to pay Vauxhall the money to get them to proceed.

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