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Ian bird

OMEGA 2002

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Hi, I have an omega that have had from new, it was first registered in 2002, it has a full service history and it has done 47,000 miles, I have been given another more up to date vehicle so my intention was to give away my Omega but the other day I noticed that the coolant warning light was on and was surprise as I had only a week before filled it up so I took it to the garage for them to check and they said that it was a little bit worse than that and that the cylinder head would have to come off at a cost of £500 They did say that it may be something that they can fix or it may be that I may need a new engine but until they strip it down they would not know, I don't want to scrap the car as it drives like new and bodywork is good, I just wondered if anyone here would like to take it as a project, the car is like part of the family and we would wish it to go on for another 17 years.          01132770480      Ian Bird



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