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What signum do you drive??


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Had a few  Siggys now along with many vectra c too. Looks wise the only thing that lets these cars down is the dash board, someone wasnt very creative when designing it! The vectra c dash is about as interesting to look at as is the mk4 astra, dont hate me! Ive had a few of them to they just aint that pretty unless in full gsi form. 

I want a vxr estate or anoyhet sri cdti 150 and make it a CdtTi apposed to a ttid 🙂

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Im an avid oldskool Peugeot fan! Had many 205 309 and 405s gti'sri's xsi's mi-16s i love em.. Had a few 306's to all got abused all got tuned and played with as much as my pocket and skills took me 🙂 but come 2000 their cars were very disappointing imo. And as Peugeot stand now i quite like the 308s but thata about it for me

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I know right 🤔 it would of been worth a few quid now for sure.. 


My first was a black mk1 fiesta 1300 supersport 🤘🤘🤘🤘


Still starts and drives (miss daisy driving and it wont cook at all) soon as i forgot this and drive normal she gets hot pretty quickly... 

The pump squeals on start up too which sounds bloody awful at 4.30am when i d leave for work 🤣🤣🤣 

The pump isnt part of the belt on the y30dt and z30dt so thats handy and i can n get a pump for 100 quid. However she is due belts and pullys anyway so the price of parts is stacking up quickly too. The work i can do but im concerned that as i had to use it when the astra and my vectra had time off ive probably borked the heads 🤔 its off road and in no rush to make any hasty decisions on rhe siggy yet as id love to keep it 


Got hooked on the astra turbo init so like a knob ive let it slip on other projects at the mo

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lol....that's the trouble with too many project cars, i was the same (or probably still am) and just get one car/bike up together then forget about the other ones until they need work, just goes round in circles.

At least you should have more time to get on with the jobs now though?

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