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  1. Radio aerial wiring? I recently fitted an aftermarket Android head unit, not the usual type with all the wiring and confections present and as a result cannot get the radio to work, there are two aerial connectors, and I am presuming one is GPS and one radio however I suspect that there is a wire in the harness that turns on the FM aerial amplifier, so the question is does anyone know which wire and its colour?
  2. Fitted Eagle LED bulbs with some modifications to the holders but not ideal, beam pattern is bad, so I am now looking for some bulbs that with fit without the faf of the strange holders and have good beam pattern, so has anyone found some that work for the pre facelift with reflector headlights?
  3. Anyone know what the std oil pressure range is for this engine, and when the pressure relief valve cuts in at when cold.
  4. https://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/threads/android-5-1-head-unit-for-2011-insignia.442510/page-9 I tried the wire in this thread, but it doesn't seem to power the amp, mine is a different colour too, has anyone any idea what the correct wire is? I have a Haynes manual but no diagrams for any of the audio system or associated parts, has anyone got a link to a wiring diagram or have one, I will add that I have removed the whole 600 series audio/nav system in favour of a standalone Joying head unit so i just need to find the onboard aerial amplifier wire to power up?
  5. Does anyone know if this has to be done via software, or can I just blank?
  6. Hi all, just bought myself a white 2012 CTDI 160 with 105k on it, will be making a few changes, but nothing like I used to do, no offence, but it's an old man's car to me as first of I am, and second I used to build and tune mad turbo JDM cars when I could afford it back in the day.
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